Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc. is a privately owned Texas Corporation, primarily owned by active participants in the company.  Since 1991, Nova Molecular has brought multiple solutions to the marketplace for many Fortune 500 companies.  This has been accomplished by offering both custom chemical processing as well as a portfolio of self-marketed specialty chemicals.


At Nova, our economic success enriches the lives of our employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders. We are guided by our values of safety, integrity, commitment, and innovation.

Nova’s Sales and Business Development team has many years of combined experience in the fine and specialty chemical business arena.  As new projects are presented, they are quickly evaluated to determine their “fit” into our facility and if Nova can add value.  A decision on the path forward can be made quickly helping time sensitive projects stay on track.

As a member company of American Chemistry Council and through participation in its Responsible Care® Program Nova Molecular is committed to the health, safety and security of employees and neighbors.

To ensure this remains a priority, Nova Molecular employs on-site environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) representation and remains visible through community awareness programs.