Nova’s Molecular’s Sumter Distillation Plant focuses primarily on producing high-value solvents made from feedstocks that are complex purifications. The distillation facility has eight continuous systems built with a flexible infrastructure design that allows multiple units to run in concert, or in isolation.

Continuous Distillation Systems

  • 36” Diam, 65 Stages, Full vac. to 100 psig.
  • 24” Diam, 80 Stages, Full vac. to 75 psig.
  • 24” Diam, 80 Stages, atm. to 50 psig.
  • 24” Diam, 70 Stages, Full vac. to 100 psig.
  • 18” Diam, 80 Stages, Full vac. to 100 psig.
  • 24” Diam, 85 Stages, Full vac. to 75 psig.
  • 36” Diam, 60 Stages, Full vac. to 25 psig.
  • 30” Diam, 40 Stages, Full vac. to 15 psig.

Thin Film Evaporator

  • 12 ft2, ~3 GPM feed, Full vac. to atm.
  • 8,000-gallon blending vessel
  • 12,000-gallon blending vessel
  • Packaging lines for cans, pails, drums & totes
  • Custom Packaging & Private Labeling
  • Rail sided for tanker trans-loading
  • DOT HazMat 10-Day Facility
  • Tank Farm with tanks ranging from 8,000 to 30,000 gallons

Nova operates a separate distribution facility nearby the Sumter distillation plant. This facility is capable of handling products in containers ranging from 1-gallon cans up to rail car quantities. The distillation and distribution facilities both have fully equipped QA & QC Laboratories.

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