Nova’s R&D and Process Engineering staff are experts in identifying the appropriate chemistry and most advantageous production scheme needed to bring your ideas to life.  To help ensure a seamless transition from your development lab or manufacturing site to ours, we work closely with your technical staff during the development and scale-up stages of the project.  Unlike many other custom manufacturers, Nova has fully staffed and modern R&D laboratories in which all new processes are vetted before being transitioned to the manufacturing facility.  By going through this critical stage, better estimates of costs and technical hurdles can be determined.

Nova Molecular’s onsite R&D laboratories are uniquely set up to mimic our capabilities in the manufacturing facility. Labs are equipped with both batch and continuous, glass distillation equipment and high-pressure batch and continuous reactors.


  • Continuous or batch distillation with a 2” diameter, 55-stage glass distillation, 500 ml to 22 liter capacity
  • Continuous or batch distillation with a 1″ diameter, 55-stage glass distillation, 500 ml to 22 liter capacity


  • Two batch / semi continuous, 500cc, 316 SS reactors, MAWP of 2,000 psig @ 230°C / 450°F
  • One 2L, 316 SS reactor, MAWP of 1,000 psig @ 350°C / 660°F
  • Continuous plug flow, 316 SS, 2,500 psig tube reactor with a capacity up to 2.5 kgs per day

Analytical Science

  • GC, FTIR, UV/Vis.
  • GC Mass Spec and NMR capability at a local University

Computer Simulation

We utilize “Chemcad” and simulate all distillation and reaction projects.