High-Value Solvent Recovery

Benefits of Recovery and Return Model:

  • Reduce supply risk of critical process materials (85+% of usage returned)
  • Eliminate waste disposal costs
  • Potential cost savings for material for your process vs Virgin
  • Reduce impact on the environment

Nova has expertise/capabilities to cost effectively handle your waste stream and return high purity material to you:

  • Permits to handle manifested hazardous wastes
  • High performance distillation equipment
  • Novel separation technology developed by the Nova technical team
  • Pharmaceutical level grade analytical capabilities
  • Supply chain expertise to ensure cost effective
  • Flexible manufacturing structure to design, deploy a process to fit your needs
  • Nova ready to invest in new processes that will add value for you

Does your company currently dispose of waste streams:

  • 2M#/yr. contained volumes
  • Target chemical >25% of the crude source
  • Limited number of target compounds (2-4 ideal)
  • Currently incinerated/disposed at “high” cost
  • Manifested waste or permitting issues
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