Nova Molecular and Sustainability

By April 27, 2018October 29th, 2020Press Releases

In the Chemical industry, decoupling economic growth from natural resource use is fundamental to sustainable development, together with adherence to international norms on management of hazardous chemicals and wastes.  Global figures for all industry point to worsening trends, due in part to rising natural resource use in Eastern Asia.  Nova is countering that trend by innovating in conservation and re-use.  Nova is a leader, pushing further than any other US company in recovering hazardous chemical, by-product, off-spec and waste steams.  We do this through our efficient manufacturing equipment, our permitting, our chemistry and purification expertise and our attitude toward sustainability.

Nova has an enviable record of fostering sustainability.  We have recovered over 16,000,000 gallons of by-product solvents and chemicals and returned them to specification products, largely by practicing our “Nova Recover and Return” program, isolating customer waste or by-product streams, purifying by distillation and reaction and returning specification product to the customer for re-use in their process.  “Recover and Return” is the most innovative of Nova’s sustainability efforts but we have other unique efforts, including reacting and purifying by-product, waste or off-spec impure chemicals to new specification chemicals for sale either by Nova or by the generator.

Nova currently recovers large volumes of acetonitrile, tetrahydrofuran, sulfolane, propanol and MEK and is continually looking to recover and return or react other difficult to recover streams of 1M# or more.

We recognize that chemical manufacturing is shifting toward more technologically complex products, though medium- and high-tech products continue to dominate existing production facilities. Nova helps other companies bring new products to market by using Nova’s investment in equipment, technology and talent so they don’t have to make major investments to determine market acceptance for their new ideas and products.

Nova continues to improve our primary reaction chemistries of reductive amination and nitrile hydrogenation and our key processes of high pressure hydrogenation and purification and recovery technologies.

In traditional sustainability efforts, Nova continues to reduce emissions as a percentage of our manufacturing value added.   We have a new technology and capital investment program to reduce energy use. We are also in the midst of a two-year program of major investment to improve our waste water quality prior to sending it to a POTW.


-Mike Clumpner, Founder and Chairman of the Board