Acetonitrile is a widely used, polar aprotic organic solvent. Commonly used in the manufacture of spinning fibers and in lithium batteries. It can be used in the recrystallization of steroids and as a solvent for non‐aqueous titrations, as well as a non‐aqueous solvent for inorganic salts. In analytical chemistry, acetonitrile is utilized in the HPLC analysis of small organic compounds.

  • Specific Gravity: 0.780 – 0.785 @ 20˚C
  • Color and Form: Clear liquid free of sediment and haze
  • Copper: .5 max (ppm)
  • Iron: .5 max (ppm)
Acetonitrile99.75 min (%wt.)
Propionitrile1000 max (ppm)
Acrylonitrile500 max (ppm)
Acidity0.05 max (%wt.)
Water500 max (ppm)
Color5 max (APHA)
AppearanceClear liquid free of sediment and haze

Packaging and Shipping

Nova Technical Grade Acetonitrile is available in 350 lb. net weight drums, tankwagons, isocontainers, or rail cars.

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