Nova Tetrahydrofuran

Tetrahydrofuran (THF) 109-99-9 is a versatile solvent with many applications ranging from plastic films to Grignard Reagents.  Visit THF 99.7% page  or Visit THF 99.9% page

Nova 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran

2‐Methyltetrahydrofuran (CAS#96-47-9) is used as a specialty solvent, mainly as a higher boiling substitute for Tetrahydrofuran. It also is used in the electrolyte formulation for secondary lithium electrodes and as a valued solvent for low temperature reactions. Another common use of 2-methyltetrahydrofuran is as a solvent for Grignard reactions. Visit 2‐Methyltetrahydrofuran page

Nova Acetonitrile (High Purity and Technical Grade)

Acetonitrile is a widely used, polar aprotic organic solvent. Commonly used in the manufacture of spinning fibers and in lithium batteries. It can be used in the recrystallization of steroids and as a solvent for non‐aqueous titrations, as well as a non‐aqueous solvent for inorganic salts. In analytical chemistry, acetonitrile is utilized in the HPLC analysis of small organic compounds. Visit Acetonitrile page

Nova Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol

Considered by many as a green solvent used in agricultural applications, printing inks, industrial and electronics cleaners. Visit Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol page

Gas Treatment


FLEXSORB® SE is a sterically hindered amine propriety to ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, useful for selective gas scrubbing. Visit FLEXSORB® SE page

Nova Sulfolane

Sulfolane is used to purify acidic or sour gas streams by removing sulfur compounds and carbon dioxide to provide gas to meet commercial specifications. Visit Sulfolane page

Specialty Chemicals

Nova Methoxypropylamine (MOPA)

Methoxypropylamine (MOPA) is widely used as an industrial vapor phase corrosion inhibitor. Nova Methoxypropylamine™ is primarily used in condensate lines of steam boilers and in refinery overheads systems as a vapor phase corrosion inhibitor. Nova Methoxypropyl™ is also used in floor waxes. Visit Nova Methoxypropylamine page

Nova t-Butyl Morpholine 90%

Nova t-Butyl Morpholine 90%™ is a sterically hindered morpholine useful as a corrosion inhibitor and as a neutralizing amine in boilers and refinery overhead systems. Nova produces several other hindered alkanolamines, amines, and nitroxyls. Visit Nova t-Butyl Morpholine page

Nova Furfuryl Alcohol

Furfuryl alcohol is derived from the catalytic reduction of furfural which is obtained from waste vegetable materials such as sugar cane bagasse, oat hulls, corn cobs and rice hulls. Although largely used in the production of foundry sand binder resins, it also has use in many other specialty applications. This product is valued in many applications due to low viscosity and high reactivity. Visit Nova Furfuryl Alcohol page


Nova TEMPO (CAS #2564-83-2) is a stable free radical nitroxyl useful in inhibiting free radical reactions, as well as a wide variety of other synthetic applications.Visit Nova TEMPO page

Nova HydroxyTEMPO

HydroxyTEMPO (CAS #2226-96-2) is a stable free radical nitroxyl useful in inhibiting free radical reactions, as well as a wide variety of other synthetic applications. Visit HydroxyTEMPO page