2‐Methyltetrahydrofuran (CAS#96-47-9) is used as a specialty solvent, mainly as a higher boiling substitute for Tetrahydrofuran.  It also is used in the electrolyte formulation for secondary lithium electrodes and as a valued solvent for low temperature reactions.  Another common use of 2-methyltetrahydrofuran is as a solvent for Grignard reactions.

Boiling Point: 80.2˚C

Assay: 2-MeTHF99.9% minNOVA 2034, GC
AppearanceClear and free from particulateNOVA 1003, Visual
Assay: Water300 ppm, maxNOVA 1001, KF
Inhibitor - BHT150 – 400 ppmNOVA 2034, GC

Packaging & Shipping

Nova 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran is available in tankwagon, isocontainer, rail car quantities, totes, or in 55 gallon drums.

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