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By utilizing Nova’s unique set of process, technology, and raw material handling capabilities we can take ideas and turn them into reality.


Sustainable Solutions

Nova provides innovative and sustainable solutions for the world’s leading consumer markets.

Our Services

Nova Molecular Technologies provides services with a focus on sustainability, environmental responsibility and safety

Custom Manufacturing

Nova offers custom manufacturing services to companies who participate in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, industrial goods, and consumer products.

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High-Value Solvent Recovery

Nova’s high value solvent recovery and return program helps companies reduce cost, increase supply certainty, and improve sustainability initiatives.

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Our Products

Quality and consistency delivered with all of our portfolio products.

Acetonitrile – High Purity

Acetonitrile is a widely used, polar aprotic organic solvent. Commonly used in the manufacture of spinning fibers and in lithium batteries.


Acetone is a super-fast drying, VOC-exempt, and zero residue solvent. This fast-drying time of the 434 makes is a good choice for spray application that require low VOC and quicker drying times.

Methyl Ethyl Ketone

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) is a colorless, low viscosity liquid with a mild odor similar to that of acetone. It is completely miscible with many organic liquids, but miscible with water to only a limited extent. MEK can be used to produce low viscosity and high solids content resin systems.

Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc. is a privately owned Texas Corporation, primarily owned by active participants in the company.  Since 1991, Nova Molecular has brought multiple solutions to the marketplace for many Fortune 500 companies.


Millions of gallons of solvent recovered with substantial cost savings


Years of reliable and dedicated service in the specialty chemicals industry


Expert staff and management for all your custom manufacturing needs