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To improve our communities and the world we live in as the leading provider of essential materials, creating symbiotic partnerships with customers and suppliers through sustainable supply chain solutions

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Nova Molecular Technologies provides services with a focus on sustainability, quality, environmental responsibility and safety at its two manufacturing facilities in Sumter, SC.

Nova Molecular’s Industrial Road distillation plant focuses primarily on producing solvents made from feedstocks that are complex purifications. The distillation facility has continuous systems build with a flexible infrastructure design that allows multiple units to run in concert or in isolation.

Nova’s Race Track Road site is launching new operations and technology to support current commercial product production in addition to adding new processes and products into 2022 and beyond.

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Innovation doesn’t just come from looking for a new idea, but also from looking at something existing in a new way. We collaborate across our engineering, SHE and plant operations to validate and improve designs and simulations

Our Products

Quality and consistency delivered with all of our products.

Acetonitrile (ACN)

Acetonitrile (ACN) - High Purity

Nova Molecular manufactures and markets Acetonitrile (ACN) in North America.  ACN is ideally suited for chemical analysis, extraction purification, organic and biochemical reactions.  It is widely used in the analytical, biopharma and agricultural markets.

Acetonitrile (ACN)

Acetonitrile (ACN) - Ultra High Purity

Nova Molecular manufactures and markets Ultra High Purity Acetonitrile (Stock code ACNUNP) in North America. It is ideally suited for chemical analysis, synthesis, extraction, purification, organic and biochemical applications.

Acetonitrile (ACN)

Acetonitrile (ACN) - Technical Grade

Nova Molecular manufactures and markets several grades of Acetonitrile (ACN) in North America. Nova’s technical grade material is well suited for use in the industrial market and is not to be sold for use in pharmaceutical applications.

Methyl Ethyl Ketone

Nova Molecular purifies and markets Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) in North America.  MEK is ideally suited for use in the in acrylic and vinyl surface coatings, paints and coatings industry, rubber based industrial cements and printing inks.


Nova Molecular purifies and markets n-Propanol in North America. Nova’s n-Propanol is largely marketed for use as an organic solvent in lacquers, varnishes, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.