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Propylene Glycol - 99%

CAS# 57-55-6

Nova Molecular purifies and markets Propylene Glycol (PG99) in North America which can be used in a variety of applications as a solvent and coupling agent.  Nova’s PG99 is marketed and sold for use in industrial applications and is not intended for use in the pharmaceutical, personal care or cosmetics industries.


  • Odor and form:Clear colorless liquid with little to no detectable odor
  • Molecular Weight: 76.10


Packaging & Shipping

Nova Propylene Glycol is available in 55-gallon steel drums, poly totes, bulk tank wagons, and rail car.

Propylene GlycolNTL 99.5 (wt. %)
WaterNMT 0.2(wt. %)
Color, APHANMT 10
ChlorideNMT 1 ppm
Titratable acid, meq/gNMT 0.0005
AppearanceClear and Free from Visible Particulate
IronNMT 1 ppm
Specific Gravity 25/25°C1.034-1.038

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