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Nova Tetrahydrofuran HP

CAS# 109-99-9

Nova Molecular manufactures and markets Tetrahydrofuran in North America. Nova
Tetrahydrofuran HP has a higher purity and lower water than Nova’s Tetrahydrofuran
99.9% and is tightly controlled to minimize organic and inorganic impurities.


  • Specific Gravity: 0.886-0.889 
  • Molecular Weight: 72.108


Tetrahydrofuran( wt %)NLT 99.90
Appearance Clear and free from particulate
Color (APHA) NMT 10
Peroxides NMT 15 ppm (pass/fail)
BHT230-270 ppm
Water NMT 100 ppm
Residual (wt %)0.03

Packaging & Shipping

Nova Tetrahydrofuran HP is available in bulk tank wagons and 55-gallon new steel drums (400 lbs. net weight each).

Nova Tetrahydrofuran is sold without expressed or implied warranty. Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc. assumes no
liability for usage in violation of patent or other rights.