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Hurricane Harvey Update

As Hurricane Harvey barreled into the Gulf Coast, Nova employees diligently focused on continuity of operation plans that were created for those very moments. At first glance, the 40-50 inch rainfall projections issued by the National Weather Service were impossible to believe. There was also uncertainty as to the final path the storm would take and if our Pasadena, Texas, location would face the eye of the storm. Our leadership team made the decision to evacuate all non-essential personnel from the plant, with the remaining skeleton crew focused on ensuring the pumps that were removing water from the plant, did not lose power.

Our organization will forever be grateful to the brave souls that rode the storm out onsite and responded with professionalism during the most trying of times. This type of character and compassion from our employees, while easily visible during extreme situations such as Hurricane Harvey, is truly part of our everyday culture. No one could have predicted the exact outcome of this storm, the only certainty that has been proven from this event, is that our greatest assets will always be our employees.