CAS# 71-23-8

Nova Molecular purifies and markets n-Propanol in North America. Nova’s n-Propanol is largely marketed for use as an organic solvent in lacquers, varnishes, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

  • Boiling Point: 97.2 °C (EPA DSSTox; HSDB)
  • Color and Form: Liquid with a sharp musty odor similar to rubbing alcohol
n-Propanol (%, GC FID)99.0 (wt. % min.)NOVA 2048
Water0.1 (wt. % max.)NOVA 1001
Acidity (ppm)0.003 (wt. % max.)NOVA 3063
Color, APHA5 maxNOVA 3955
Refractive Index, nD, 20°C1.385 ± 0.003NOVA 1018
AppearanceClear, Colorless LiquidNOVA 1003

Packaging & Shipping

n-Propanol is available in 55-gallon steel drums, bulk tank wagons, and rail car.

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