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Nova Molecular Technologies Formally Announces Recovery and Return Initiative at 2017 ChemAgro Show

“Nova has the ability to take in large volume waste or by-product streams, isolate them while recovering the primary ingredient and return the desired product at the required specification,” says Mike Clumpner, Chairman of Nova Molecular Technologies.

“Our partners find that our Recover and Return initiative offers advantages of sustainability, cost reductions and assurance of supply,” Mr. Clumpner continued.

“Nova has a unique industry position to recover difficult to process streams because of our best of industry process equipment, our outstanding analytical and technical capabilities, our waste handling permits and our pro-active attitude toward recovering usable chemicals for ourselves and our partners.”

“For large (1+M#/yr) waste or by-product streams containing valuable solvents or chemicals, that are liquid, and that contain over 25 percent of the desired chemical in the organic profile, there is potential for Nova to isolate your stream and return the valuable component to you. For smaller streams, Nova may not be able to isolate your stream during processing but can quickly evaluate if there is an opportunity for you to save money and assure supply. Nova has special expertise in recovering acetonitrile, MEK, acetone, THF, Methyl Tetrahydrofuran, Sulfolane, and n-propanol.”

To learn more about Nova Molecular Technologies and the Nova Recover and Return Initiative, contact Kris Sturgul by emailing [email protected] or calling 281-909-8913, or visit the Nova Molecular Technologies website at