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Nova Molecular Technologies To Focus on Waste Solvent and Chemical Recovery Sells Bayport, TX Facility to Monument Chemical

JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN – Nova Molecular today announced that is has sold its Bayport, Texas facility to Monument Chemical.  Tyler Ellison, President of Nova Molecular stated, “We are pleased to announce that we have sold our Bayport, Texas facility to Monument Chemical, effective today.  The sale of Bayport enables us to concentrate our resources on accelerating our development of our solvent and chemical waste recovery business at our Sumter, SC facility, which is our greatest opportunity for Nova’s future growth due to creating competitive advantage and cost savings for our customers.”


Monument Chemical, a recognized leader in specialty chemical manufacturing, also announced it has acquired the Bayport, Texas facility owned by Nova Molecular Technologies. The acquisition allows Monument to expand its capabilities to better meet the needs of its custom manufacturing and tolling-services clients while also broadening its solvents and intermediates portfolio, specifically into high-purity applications.


“The unique custom manufacturing capabilities of the Bayport facility and the expertise of the Bayport team are a great strategic fit for our company and gives us improved capability to serve existing and new customers.” said Monument president Qamar Bhatia.


Founder and Chairman Mike Clumpner added, “The greatest opportunity for Nova’s growth, and our customers benefit, lays with waste solvent and chemical recovery at our unique South Carolina facility.”


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Nova Molecular Technologies Inc. is a privately-owned Texas Corporation.  Nova brings creative solutions to the marketplace for many Fortune 500 companies, now focusing on unique capabilities with waste solvent and chemical recovery.