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Sumter Production Acquisition

On July 1, 2014, Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc. acquired the assets of EMES, LLC. This purchase consists of a production facility and rail yard terminal located in Sumter, South Carolina.

This purchase will allow Nova Molecular Technologies to further develop its high purity solvent offerings to the pharmaceutical and agricultural markets. It also fits well into Nova Molecular Technologies’ strategy to increase its presence in the high purity solvent custom distillation segment. EMES previously offered multiple high purity solvents to the marketplace. One of these solvents, high purity acetonitrile, will remain a major focus going forward and fits the current Nova Molecular solvent portfolio.

The addition of the Sumter site allows Nova Molecular Technologies additional distillation capabilities and the ability to provide better economics to its East Coast customers. Nova Molecular Technologies services will increase as it continues to invest and expand both the Sumter and Pasadena, Texas site in the future.

For further information please contact your Nova Molecular representative.